Million Dollar Man   (Silver Sounds 187 )   Don Brown


Circle left
*There are those who spend their lives in search of riches
Some bet a bundle on the lottery

Walk around the corner, see-saw your own
Left allemande and weave the ring
**Not a penny to my name, she loves me just the same
Dosado the lady, promenade that way
I don't need no lottery, cause she's in love with me
Just call me the million dollar man


Heads square thru 4 hands you go
Round the corner lady do a dosado
Swing thru tonight, the boys run right
Ferris wheel and deal, center 4 pass thru
Allemande the corner lady, walk by your own
Swing the right hand lady, promenade her home
She's in love with me, and I'm as rich as I can be
Just call me the million dollar man

*Some folks gamble while others play the horses
Anticipating lady luck's sweet smile

**Well, luck may be a lady, who can't compare to mine