Gonna Walk That Line   (Silver Sounds 200 )   Red Bates


(Circle left)

*I've never been to good at doing what's right
Done mostly wrong most all my life

Walk around that corner, partner do paso
It's her by the left, corner by the right, partner left you know
Men wheel in like an allemande thar
Let's back on down the line
Slip the clutch, left allemande and promenade so fine
Doing anything that you want me to
(Ooh!) I'm gonna walk that line for you


Heads promenade half way you go, down the middle
Pass the ocean, extend, swing thru tonight, boys run right
Half tag, walk & dodge, partner trade tonight
Pass the ocean now, recycle and then
Swing your corner, promenade my friend
Doing anything you want me to
(Ooh!) I'm gonna walk that line for you

*Well, straight and narrow never was my past
Everlasting love never seemed to last

*Gonna walk that line, gonna tote that barge
Gonna lift that bale, gonna work real hard


Bow to the partner, corner too...we're through