Do I Ever Cross Your Mind   (Silver Sounds 202 )   Chris Froggatt, Gerry Hardy


Sides face, grand square
Oh sometimes I go walkin' thru the fields where we walked
Long ago in that sweet used to be
And the flowers still grow, but they don't smell as sweet
As they did when you picked them for me

Circle left
And when I think of you and the love that we once knew
Left allemande and promenade
Do you ever think back on old memories like that
Or do I ever cross your mind?


Heads promenade go halfway around
Lead to the right, circle up four you know
Lines go up and back, pass the ocean then
Men circulate, ladies trade
Swing thru, boys run to the right
Tag the line and then, girls turn back
Swing and promenade
Do you ever recall these old memories at all
Or do I ever cross your mind?